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愛滋寧養服務協會 - RED day @ World AIDS Day 2012 campaign.



The Society for AIDS Care (SAC) provides high quality direct care services to children, adults and elderly people who are living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their care-givers in the community.

World AIDS Day has been observed on 1 December every year to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS. The theme of this year is “Getting to Zero”, which implies the aims for Zero New HIV infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS related Deaths.

We organize the “RED Day” to echo World AIDS Day each year with purpose to encourage wider public awareness on HIV/AIDS, eliminate discrimination against PLWHA and embrace them with caring and supportive attitude. It is suggested the public to dress in RED to show the support and help convey the message of AIDS care, as well as join us in RED Day campaign to raise fund for our direct care services.

This year, we are in collaboration with “We are Blessed” jointly to promote happiness and blessings towards children, adults and elderly persons living with HIV/AIDS and their care givers. “We are

blessed” is a local brand advocating positive living attitude towards life; no matter hard or easy. This echoes our optimistic spirit of “Together We Make A Difference”. At the same time, we appeal for acceptance towards people living with HIV/AIDS from the public and their support to AIDS care services.

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